Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Christmas in Tokyo: Asakusa

Near Ueno lies Asakusa, which, with the Sensoji temple (the largest Buddhist temple in Tokyo), joins Ueno in being Tokyo's center of Japanese culture. The main street leading up to the temple's entrance is lined with endless vendors selling souvenirs and food that comes on sticks.

Jon and myself, in front of the gatehouse.

Approaching the temple.

The pagoda.

Visitors burning incense out front, wafting the smoke onto their heads.

And more (
Thanks goes to Caito for all the pics.):


The Moore Family said...

The pictures bring back a few memories. I was once in Tokyo for two days on a business trip and was able to take a bus tour of the city. I also saw the temple and the shops linning the way to the temple. It looks the same as I remember.


Sean said...

Meat on a stick . . .mmmmmmmmmmmm.

Oh yeah, the pagoda was incredible too!